Monsters Inc Party ideas

Does your child love Monsters Inc? Why not have a fun party based on Mike Wysocki!!

Invitations can be bought as there are lots of shops from the Monsters Inc film, but invitations can be downloaded from the internet of ‘Mike Wysocki’ and stick them onto card. The invitations could say ‘You’re invited to a party for Sam’s 5th birthday’ it also has to have important information like: Date, Time, Place and RSVP info.

You could put a sign outside your front door with a Monster’s Inc poster saying ‘Welcome to the Monster Party’ Inside you can have your table decorated with Monster Inc tablecloth, plates and cups. To add a bit of personalisation you could have a seating plan with guests names and everyone has the surname Wysocki, or their favourite character from the film. And don’t forget the green balloons!!

Since Mike is the comedian of Monsters Inc. buy joke books to fill the bags. Also bubbles for younger brothers and sisters at the party. To the books & the bubbles, tie suckers and a tag that says thank you for coming to my MONSTER of a party with a Mike clipart. Use round suckers and glue a lime green circle & big wiggly eye to them to look like Mike.

Simple and easy party food for kids, like pizzas, popcorn, jelly and sandwiches, put a little green food dye on to make them more monstrous!! For dessert, served choc chip ice cream with a Mike cake. Use plain lime green plates, napkins, cups, etc. Great fun for all the kids.