A Circus Party

Roll up, Roll up, you are invited to a Circus party!!!

Use white card and envelopes. Use red cardboard paper to make a big top for the front of card. Square base and canopied top. Square base to be glued on sides and bottom, top to be left open to create a pocket for admit ticket.

Keep decorations simple. Use red/white crepe paper to make a canopy (big top) . Hang paper clown faces from the ceiling. Bright tableware can be placed around the cakes. A lion cake and a clown cake for example.

Put felt tips, glitter, glue etc. around and lots of coloured card paper so kids can make their own circus/clown pictures.

A must would be to have a ‘face painter’ which can paint each kid’s face, take a picture and print each one off before the party ends and stick it in onto their party bags.

Another children’s party game could be throwing darts at different coloured balloons. Whatever colour they pop, they get to pick from that “colour” toy pile. Each toy in different coloured bags so the kids know which one they will win from.

Then an elephant game where the kids have to hook a ring around their trunks. Each child puts on an elephant mask and tries to pick up hoops with the end of their nose. Of course no party is complete without the clown piñata.

No children’s birthday party is complete without party bags so fill them up with sweets, colouring pens, and candy floss bags.