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Getting your listing set up in three easy steps….

1. Register & Add Your Account:
If you have not already done so, you must first register and set up your account with us. The information you add to your account is kept private and is not shared or published in any way. This information is also isolated from your public Profile Page.

2. Add Your Public Profile:
Next, set up your Profile Page. This is your public facing page where you share your information, contact details, special offers, photos, links, social media and more. When you are logged in to your account, from the menu, select ‘Manage Profile' then start adding your information. You have complete control over what is displayed on your profile. Once you’ve finished you can then submit your profile to Kiddy Zone for our admin team to review and make live.

3. Upgrade your Listing:
Each month there are Top Category slot available and Home Page featured listings. Bring more Kiddy Zone visitors, potential clients and customers to your profile page by upgrading to a Home Page or Top Category listing. From the menu you can select ‘Upgrade Options’ and reserve your chosen month. These advertising spots are changed monthly so all listings get a chance to upgrade if they wish to.

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