Superhero party

Holy Superhero Party Batman!  POW! BANG! POP!  You don’t have to be a super parent to put this party together.  We have lots of super ideas to help you.  So jump in the nearest phone booth, pull on your mask and tie on your cape, because it’s Superhero time!!

Are you ready to transform your home into a family fun Bat Cave and your garden into a Superhero training ground?  Will you welcome guests with Spider webs and Incredibles decorations?  Superhero parties only come once in a lifetime and you want to make it one that your little capped crusader will remember forever.


Superhero party invitations can be masks, comic books, or even newspapers with villainous headlines. Make them super exciting with some hints on what to expect and include whether costume is being worn or will be provided. Be sure to give the start time, end time, date and location of the Superhero Party. 


Set the mood for your party with great decorations like Superhero posters, music, and character party supplies. Cover the party table in reds, blues and other Superhero colours accented with streamers, balloons and confetti.


The memories are even more special when guests get to take home the artwork that they’ve created themselves at the party. Superhero’s always love to decorate masks and capes. Follow-up with photos of each child with the main character.     

A Superhero party just isn’t the same without all the Superhero’s dressed in their capes and masks.

The cake

Whether you bake and decorate your own or buy one pre-made, a Superhero cake is always colourful and exciting. If baking is not your thing, individual cupcakes always go down well and you can stick some rice paper ‘superhero’ characters on your cupcakes for an added treat!