Science Parties make great Birthdays

Every parent wants their child to have a fun, entertaining time at their birthday party and one of the ways of doing this is by organising a party that includes something that they love. For little ones with inquisitive minds, you may be interested in knowing that science parties can also be booked. Science is becoming cool and fun again! It always was, but kids are really latching onto it more and more because they are seeing just how much fun it can be!

If you want to hold a science party birthday bash for your son or daughter, here are some ideas to help you make it fun:

• Get your kids dressed up in Lab coats and science goggles. White ‘lab coats’ transform children into young scientists and maybe add some cool science googles that you can get from any online shop that sells fun kids science gear. Maybe even an Einstein style wig would be a nice touch!

• Science-related nibbles. You can make cool science themed snacks, but if these sound too technical, simply give each snack a fun, scientific name. Like slimy worms for jelly worm sweets, or cherry tomatoes on cocktail sticks for molecules, fizzy drinks served in conical flasks or test tubes, massive science beakers instead of jugs, get periodic tables themed table covers, etc.….

You can even get the children to make their own experimental foods using food colouring. The messier and creepier their snacks turn out to be, the better.

Children’s Science parties offer an interactive party experience that get guests learning and having an incredibly fun time.