Start a tradition

Your baby may not remember being a part of these traditions, but the photographic evidence is something you coo over for decades to come. Nothing is more adorable than a baby’s first time doing just about anything, and what better occasion to start new traditions than their first birthday party? Unfortunately, with all of the charm and attention being poured into decorations, food, party favours and phone calls, we often forget to relax and enjoy a few firsts with our little ones. Here are a few traditions new and old to help you make this day special for years to come.

Sharing Stories

The first year of your child’s life has undoubtedly been filled with very sweet and not so sweet stories. One tradition you may consider starting would be to share a few of your favourite stories from the past year. In the beginning, this may just mean you reminiscing with fellow parents, but as your little boy or girl gets older you can share these stories with their friends.

Birthday Outfit

Parents dressing their little ones in the same (or similar) outfits every year for a single photograph has been going on longer than we may realize. Of course we take photos of our children nearly every day with our phones and personal cameras, but having an annual photo of your child wearing the same ensemble or pretty cotton dress is something special. It’s something they can look forward to each year (until their teens) and you can look forward to seeing how much they’ve grown and developed their personality. This may be the time to have a Photographer take over; they have a knack for capturing those adorable poses.

Memory Boxes

A memory box is a great way to collect the most sentimental pieces from your child’s birthdays and safely store them until you’re ready to share the memories. You could collect photos, cards, their first outfit, their special book and anything that brings back memories.

Remember, the most beautiful moments in your child’s life are the ones they spend with friends and family, and the experiences you share together. So take the time to relive old traditions or create new ones, they make for the best memories.