Jewellery making fun

Are you having a Girly Party or a Sleepover? Looking for an activity for the girls to do at the party? How about some cool jewellery making, girls of all ages love designing and making their own bracelets, necklaces and key rings.

Just pick the bead mixes that you fancy and mix and match together. You will be amazed at the results from the children.

You could put out a fun choice of beads in different bowls on your party table for the kids to see, e.g. large wooden multi-coloured beads, alphabet beads, stripy beads, heart beads and lovely heart, star and flower silver charms. The kids will mix and fix to their hearts content. Add some simple knots here and there for an extra funky look. Little tip, give the kids a wooden peg each to put on one end of the cord whilst they are threading on beads so that they don’t drop and lose any.

Elastic cords work well with kids, they are easy to tie knots in, not like some cords which can be stiff. Fitting bracelets on children’s wrists is also easier with elastic cord. Make sure they double knot at the end.

We recommend the following quantities needed for children’s party jewellery making:

Bracelet – 0.5m per child
Necklace – 1m per child
Key Rings – 0.5m per child
Bracelets Necklaces Key Rings Bag Jewellery

Beads are an idea for lots of craft activities, not just for jewellery making:

String up some alphabet beads on cord or ribbon and tie as a tassel on a book spine or as a bookmark
Decorate a photo frame with mixed colourful beads using PVA glue
Dangle some beads on a split ring for a Key Ring idea
Personalise your PE Kit Bag or Pencil Case by stitching on some alphabet beads