Smart Sightseeing

Sightseeing in London is so much fun to do with a smart App..

Vox City is a flexible self-guided sightseeing and tour app that enables you to explore London at your own pace. Perfect when you have kids in tow!

Simply select the city sights you would like to see then follow the app. Once downloaded over Wifi the app works using GPS so no data connection is required. It even works if you decide to take a taxi or bus! The app can even lead you to Wi-Fi hotspots and photo opportunity hotspots.

How to use the VOX City app:

Download the ‘VOX City’ App to your smartphone from The Google Play Store or App Store. (This will need to be done over Wifi.) Then login by scanning your QR code! (This can be found on your confirmation email)

Select your City (London) and then choose your language! There are 6 languages to choose from which include; English, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Mandarin. Then click ‘download’

Your map will download to the app and now you are ready for your self-guided tour around London! Enjoy the sights and keep the kids entertained, there’s lots to do for the whole family!