Top tips for family trips

Making sure a family day out goes smoothly and everyone has a day to remember… for all the right reasons!

Plan ahea
Plan your journey to avoid the stresses of getting lost on route with excitable children in tow! It also helps to pack the bag you’re taking the night before to stop the morning scramble.

Pack some spare clothes
No matter how old your children are take spare clothes with you, then they can relax and get messy or wet even if it wasn’t in the plan. I take a unisex variety so that it doesn’t matter who ends up wearing them!

Snacks to the rescue!
You can never take too many snacks! Keep separate snack boxes/ bags for each child to avoid arguments! Even better if they can pop them in their own backpack.

Money Money Money
Take loose change with you, especially £1 coins and keep it handy. Many attractions have ‘extra’ activities you can do such as; feeding animals or rides and often this costs £1 or so, plus there might be parking charges.

Prepare the children
Keep behaviour on track by preparing your children for the frustrations they may experience during the day. For example ‘sometimes we will have to queue up’ or ‘you will need to stay quiet when we go in…..area’.

Take wellies/walking shoes
Some places might get muddy when it has rained and no one wants to get their shoes caked in mud. Also, take plastic bags to put the wellies in after so you can keep the car clean!

Plan for any ‘boring bits’
Have some games in mind encase the kids get a little bored. Make a bingo list or treasure hunt, if you are in a museum or gallery they might have a trail for you to follow or even activity packs, ask at reception when you arrive.

Sun protection
With the weather always being changeable it is a good idea to always carry sun cream, sunglasses and sun hats.

Keep a basic makeup set/ hairbrush in the car for the days when it was easier just to get everyone out of the house before making yourself look presentable!